Live Rosa is an excellent station for people who just want to read a genuine dirty families residing their unique lifestyle, exactly who simply very eventually incorporate two moms

Live Rosa is an excellent station for people who just want to read a genuine dirty families residing their unique lifestyle, exactly who simply very eventually incorporate two moms

And performed we mention that their particular daughters is ADORBS? Just be warned, watching live Rosa films could make you start to feel super clucky, regardless of your own sex or the person you love!

Stations like Living Rosa are necessary for exposure, revealing globally that homosexual couples can be just as good at being mothers as anyone else. Additionally, it is lovely to see exactly how entirely taking girls’ friends are about her resides.

5. Justin and Nick

Justin and Nick were a really lovely gay partners who display their unique everyday lives collectively on YouTube (and additionally Instagram and Twitter). They create video clips on all kinds of things, off their morning schedule (using their in the same way lovable dog!) to residence tours, Harry Potter, attending Pride, and lots of fantastic homosexual trips.

Exactly what can we say, it simply seems like Justin and Nick are a couple of guys after our personal hearts! Combined with many gay partners trips, we simply see laughing at a number of their unique silly pair lifetime components, even so they do get serious sometimes as well. They will have questioned young activists just who took part in a€?March for Our Livesa€? and even chatted to the DNC Chairman Tom Perez.

Above all those things, they actually share beard care, makeup and periodically cooking video clips besides. Look for adorable cameos using their cat and dog, and their particular passionate involvement suggestion video.

6. Bria and Chrissy

We can not reject a beneficial pop melody therefore the lesbian duo of Bria and Chrissy undoubtedly provide, combined with enjoyable movies of these physical lives along. Demonstrably, we love listening to their particular songs (which is also on iTunes and fruit sounds) but we just as enjoy their absurd, and quite often saucy, videos where they undertaking various YouTube problems or maybe just talking in general about existence as lesbians.

Bria and Chrissy also get severe though, discussing significantly individual reports regarding their personal activities, traumas and problems with YouTube by itself shutting down LGBTQ+ contents on their own platform. It is refreshing to listen to the actual tale from other gay video clip creators, and hopefully we are able to all assist to guaranteed no person’s voice gets erased from YouTube.

As well as their biggest YouTube channel, Bria and Chrissy have a more private one known as question fighters you will want to consider. Here they post workout clips and daily vlogs, so it’s a little more behind the scenes of what goes on more than to their primary channel.

7. Josh Rimer

We have now actually interviewed Josh before about gay lifestyle in Canada, but we additionally convince you to definitely examine their YouTube channel! In 2019, Josh ended up being crowned Mr Gay Canada and plenty of his movies program your participating in homosexual pleasure occasions all around the globe with his well-deserved title.

Recently, Josh has become welcoming his market inside strategies of prep a gay event (to fiancA© Heath), which include both a homophobic resort perhaps not wanting all of them and in the end having to cancel their marriage due to the pandemic. Obviously, many folks have been in equivalent vessel using pandemic but that a resort, in gay friendly Puerto Vallarta not less, doesn’t want to host a gay relationships is pretty stunning within day and age.

We love enjoying Josh and Heath going to homosexual places, specifically types we’ven’t been to yet fancy Australia! We’re thus jealousa€¦ But we furthermore take pleasure in the small glimpses into day to day life, which just make it possible to show that gay lovers are not any not the same as hetero partners.

8. Princess Joules

Julie Vu aka Princess Joules aka Mama Sparkles, was a wonderful girl who vlogs about all aspects of their male to female change, transgender relationships and relations, with a healthy and balanced serving of makeup products training and fun YouTube challenges. She was in fact among the first YouTubers to completely document this lady whole transition a€“ discuss a trailblazer!

And revealing sincere video clips about transitioning, Julie has also made clips highlighting problem such as home-based assault, revealing just how it affects both cis and trans anyone. She actually is actually given their audience a genuine examine her own individual experiences with home-based violence.

She also can make lots of light-hearted content material though, often taking a look at the amusing part of lives. In 2019, Julie got neglect International Queen Canada and she’s furthermore produced films about the woman trip as a transgender woman in Asian countries, that will be absolutely inspiring for other trans tourists.

9. In Wonderland Arif and Ricky

Arif and Ricky were a homosexual couples that developed a whole additional arena of ways on their own when they met up. The Wonderland part of a€?In Wonderlanda€? integrates their unique provided love of art, movie theater, Disney and dreams, all bundled around distribute a positive LGTBQ+ information via their YouTube route, websites and social networking channels.

They have both trained as existence mentors, very establish on their own as homosexual lives mentors, looking to let others see their unique way to pleasure. Via her YouTube video they provide plenty tips and advice for gay watchers about relationships, developing, family members issues, and.

We like just how fun and fascinating their unique station is (and the men on their own!), as well as appreciating seeing their particular sillier clips about gay few difficulties. Arif and Ricky have also been remodeling a motorhome being get in on the small house living movement, which has been quite interesting to follow!

10. Matt and Azure

Matt and azure are an attractive wedded gay pair which vlog about lives in a little nation community in Colorado due to their son, a dog, a pony, a pet and chickens. It really is refreshing to see a channel featuring gay guys carrying out things such as riding horses and DIY, which are frequently considered only for straight guys. Matt and Blue undoubtedly bring out the cowboy area in us!

These two cuties additionally show sincere glimpses into their fatherhood quest, vlogging about precisely why they made a decision to follow and exactly what it got like implementing as two boys. Also, they muse about existence as a gay parents in a tiny town, exactly what it had been like being released to their households and how they make her relationship perform.

Ensure you see her station for adorable videos of families lives, a€?gay guys design factorsa€? (which is their concept!), repair, and farming. Just be cautioned, it’s going to make you start fantasizing about having your very own little farm!


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