Voice and Data Communications

 Looking for the benefits of VoIP but want the lower up-front costs that can come by letting the network deliver the IP-based telephony features you need a provider with a wide range of voice services to meet your needs today while preparing you for tomorrow. MAFAZA Networks delivers an enterprise-grade portfolio, and a secure, reliable, and intelligent networking platform including world-wide voice service capabilities for all of your communications.
 With MAFAZA Networks, you get the support of voice and network experts for every step of your business automation

Design and Implementation:

Infrastructure assessments: Our expertise in Analysis and planning to achieve the desired infrastructure Design, integration, and optimization Testing and troubleshooting to maximize adoption of the new technology and training.


Your network is a critical business asset. MAFAZA Networks can help you maximize your investment by integrating VoIP with other applications for unified communications. As your business needs change, network optimization services can

Corporate Training:

Our team of experts also provide onsite customized training which meets your organization requirements.

Why MAFAZA Networks ?

We have a team of network integration specialists, who are IP-trained and certified. You’re back by the experience and expertise that comes from years of IP infrastructure experience. With clearly defined deliverables and timelines, our experts make sure your project is delivered on time and on budget. Contact us today to see how voice over IP can benefit your business.


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